I Can’t Wait To Read On The KindleFireInkPad

Okay, so I apologize for the lack of posting around here lately.  Life has been busy and I’ve been busy the last two days losing eleven pounds, courtesy of the stomach flu.  Take THAT, P90X!

Anyway, while I’ve been home from work, lying near death on the couch, all of the news channels and the Internet have been abuzz with Amazon’s big fancy announcement about their new tablet/ereader/iPad competitor.  I’ve read probably a dozen articles and seen maybe half a dozen news reports and I still don’t know what the difference is between all of them.  And everyone wants to position them against the iPad, but seeing how stripped down they are, I just don’t really see that.

I own a Kindle.  Honestly, I don’t even know which generation it is.  Got it almost two years ago for Christmas from my parents.  I really like it and I really like having books available at the push of a button.  The prices are somewhat prohibitive at times because traditional publishers haven’t figured it out yet that we aren’t going to pay twelve books for an ebook on a regular basis, but I like the ease of use.

I’ve said all year that this was going to be the holiday period where they really exploded and that we’ll begin to see an ereader of some type in every home.  This announcement seems poised to make that happen.  I think the rapidly changing publishing industry is about to transform at warp speed.

None of what I’m saying is new or original – authors far more informed about ebooks have already espoused all of this – but it’s an interesting position for me to be in when I’ll see two books published within six months of each in what is essentially the traditional model.

So I have a simple question.  How many of you who might’ve purchased Liquid Smoke did so on an ereader?  I know some of you have already mentioned it if you did, but if you haven’t, I’m just curious to find out who is reading me electronically.


I honestly have no idea.  I’m just curious, I guess.  Nothing scientific or anything like that.  I’m just curious how the book is getting to people.

So if you feel like letting me know…let me know.


If You’re Not Gonna Read My Books, At Least Read Hers

So last weekend in St. Louis, the powers that be in the mystery world put on Bouchercon, the annual world mystery convention.  Writers and fans gather to fawn over one another and tell each other how awesome they all are.  They also give out a bunch of awards and one group of awards, The Shamus Awards, are given by the Private Eye Writers of America to the best books published annually in the private eye subgenre of mystery.  They are like the Oscars for private eye novels.  Only cooler.

And I’m happy to tell you that one of my best friends in the whole wide world, Lori Armstrong, won Best Novel for her book NO MERCY.  In case you don’t know, this is kind of a BIG DEAL.  I’m sure she went out and bought a private jet and a pet monkey.  Because that’s how she rolls.

So if you don’t go buy LIQUID SMOKE today, go buy NO MERCY.  Or better yet…BUY BOTH.  Because if you don’t buy one, you will probably perish from the Earth.  Seriously.

Yeah There’s Gonna Be More

So Liquid Smoke’s been out for a few weeks now and like all normal authors, I come home every night and scour the Internet for any words written about it and then cry myself to sleep if anyone said anything bad about it.  And then I pay an assassin to take them out.  Just kidding.  Maybe.

But it’s been out a couple of weeks now and the reviews and comments have been overwhelmingly positive.  So thank you to those that have taken the time to say something nice about the book.  It’s very much appreciated.

One thing that has surprised me, though, is people’s reaction to the ending.  I knew that certain things in the latter half of the book would surprise people, probably even anger those that read the first two books in the series.  The ending is absolutely meant to change Noah’s life and send him on a different path.

But the question I’ve seen in more than a couple of places is whether or not there will be any future Noah books and I found that surprising.

The ending is absolutely different than any other ending I’ve ever written.  It’s not wrapped up with a bow.  Nothing is tidy and in place.  Noah is in a place that he never envisioned himself to be and his life has really been blown to pieces.

But I thought that’s what made it interesting.  There’s no longer anything that’s predictable about him or his life.  All he’s known – and that readers have known – is going to have to change.  As an author, that’s an exciting challenge to undertake.  And as a reader, there’s nothing I like better than a writer who surprises me.

So for the record – yes, there will be more Noah books.  Number Four is currently under construction.  He’s going to be back sooner rather than later, still dealing with the aftermath of Liquid Smoke.  He won’t be the same.  Ever.

But he will be back.

Oh Be Quiet

Yeah, I missed Monday.  Look, it’s a busy week for a whole bunch of reasons that I don’t have time to get into.  I know how empty your world is without me – I really do – but you are just gonna have to get over it and make due until life settles down for me.  Because, let’s be honest.  It’s all about me.

So until then…go check out the fabulous Victor Gischler’s interview with me right over here.

My Friends Are Awesome

When I decided I wanted to learn how to write a book, I found a critique group.  I know, I know.  They aren’t for everyone.  But this one was awesome.  Great mix of personalities with people who not only knew what they were talking about, but who had a genuine interest in helping one another.  The hardest thing about leaving Colorado was leaving them because they were also some of my closest friends.

Last week, one of those people, Jeanne Stein, released the SEVENTH book in her kick ass Anna Strong Chronicles, Crossroads.  Do you like hot female vampires who don’t take crap from anyone?  Do you like them even more if they live in San Diego?  Then you will LOVE these books.  Jeanne and I are both former San Diegans and both write about San Diego because we miss it in many ways.  Jeanne was one of the biggest champions of my first Noah book and I know that I could not have written it without her and the rest of the group.

Go to your favorite book purchasin’ site RIGHT NOW and buy a copy.  You won’t be sorry.  I promise.


For Labor Day, I’m Not Going To Do Any Labor

Happy Labor Day.  Today’s the day we celebrate all of the women who have endured labor!  What?  No?  Oh, well, I’m sure it’s something like that.

First off – our winner from last week’s contest is Jeff Hoyle because he went over to Amazon and wrote a terrifically nice 5 star review.  Also – anyone with the name Jeff is made of awesome.  Jeff – send me your snail mail address at jeffreyshelby at gmail dot com and we’ll arrange for delivery of your fantastic prizes.

Second – I had sweet corn ice cream yesterday.  With honey butter bacon sauce. And you did not.  It.  Was. Brilliant.

Third – it’s Labor Day and as the title says, I’m not going to do any labor.  So now I’m going to rest.  I rename this day Non-Labor Day.

Enjoy your day off!!!