Jeff is the author of 20 bestselling mystery novels. He is a native of San Diego and a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, but currently splits his time between Texas and Minnesota.

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  1. Patti Abbott

    hey, Jeff. Wondered if you would like to write a piece for a series I’ve been running on my blog called “HOW I CAME TO WRITE THIS BOOK” to go along with the debut of LIQUID SMOKE. August is wide open. I completely understand if you are too busy. Best, Patti

  2. Audrey

    I found you via a recommendation on Karen Olson’s website and am so glad I did! I just finished Killer Swell and am off to find Liquid Smoke. Just thought I would mention these cross promotions work. I am always looking for new authors since you guys can’t write fast enough! (please take that last comment as it was intended – in a good way).

  3. PK Madsen

    My name is PK Madsen. I have a mystery newsletter called Premeditated – Crime Fiction Planned in Advance. Would it be possible to get a short excerpt of your upcoming book, LIQUID SMOKE, for the August issue? I am unable to find this through publicity materials or any other source.
    Premeditated is a monthly publication listing new releases in crime fiction. For each book, there is a summary, excerpt, author’s back list, and release info such as publisher, date of anticipated release, ISBN number, and number of pages. Monthly, each author’s book will be receiving a half-page for his/her new release (and back list) at no cost to them or the publisher. Most of the information is available from various publicity sources online, however, I’m having difficulty locating some authors’ information. In essence, Premeditated is more publicity for the new books coming out.
    I am committed to making this newsletter a reality because I am passionate about crime fiction and I think there is a need and a niche and frankly it is what I’m looking for in a mystery news mag/newsletter. I can email a PDF of the July issue to give you an idea of what this is. Maximum word count I would need would be about 200 to 300 as I’m limited in space and don’t want to infringe on copyrights, just a flavor of the author’s voice. If you could send it by July 30th that would be terrific.

    Thank you very much for your time.
    PK Madsen
    (aka PK the Bookeemonster)

  4. Jeff

    Read your name on one of Gerald So’s blogs. Teacher, bball coach … okay we got those things in common, I’ll download a book.

  5. Jeff

    I wrote a similar message on FB but I’ll say it again here, great reads. I am thrilled that Gerald mentioned you on one of the Spenser lists. Enjoyed all three books but LIQUID SMOKE is just a knockout. Thanks.

    I am a recently retired teacher (math not English) and a hoops coach too. We have that in common. But you write ’em and I’ll read ’em. Deal?

  6. Dear Jeff,
    I’ve lost contact with you again! I’m reading Liquid Smoke and would really love to talk to you. I tried the email I last used but it must have bounced or you have become too famous for me 🙂
    Hope to hear from you,
    Amy Waeschle

  7. Rebecca Burke

    Hi Jeff,

    Many thanks for giving my book When I Am Singing to You such great exposure on your YA blog. I’m unable to email you directly given the link there (the fault’s on this end, not yours), and wonder if you wouldn’t email me directly? I’ll post the address below, for privacy’s sake. No biggie, just a quick q.! Thanks.

    Rebecca Burke

    p.s. I just read that you’re a teacher in addition to being a writer and active blogger. How . . . ?! You must be blessed with a lot of energy.

  8. Mike

    Hey Jeff,
    I have been reading your novels for a while, and have tried to keep up on what is upcoming. bottom line is that Thread of Hope kinda snuck up on me!! I have to say that although I really enjoy reading your Noah novels- I used to spend a lot of time on the breaks off Virginia beach- I really enjoyed Thread! Hope there is another in the works, and that the wait is not to long!
    Keep up the good work,
    Mike Casassa
    Va Beach, VA

  9. Mike

    O.K. I have one more comment. I understand the pseudonym idea, but can’t understand the Bio in Amazon!! I saw ‘Stay at Home Dead’ while keeping an eye out for upcoming books, but when I followed the thread on Amazon, I found the Bio for a Dance instructor. Needless to say, I passed it by at the time. Why make it so hard to recognize a good ‘favorite’ author??
    Oh well….purchased the book for my Kindle today.

    1. I’m totally laughing – that bio is actually a real bio for another Jeff Allen and Amazon has it all screwed up. I’ve requested that it be fixed but so far nothing has happened. Because I don’t want anyone to be confuses or think that I can teach them ballroom dancing!!!

      1. Mike Casassa

        I’m glad you got a laugh out of it! I finished reading “Dead..” last week and now have another problem…….I have to add you to my favorite ‘funny’ writers and have included you next to Carl Hiaasen on my list of authors to watch for. My problem is that I am now ‘watching’ for a whole slew of favorite authors……o well……I guess this will help keep me busy in my retirement years which are fast approaching.

  10. Sherrie W.

    I need more Joe Tyler!!! Just finished Thread Of Hope and can’t wait to see what happen in Minneapolis!!!! I give this book 6 stars….5 stars just isn’t enough! I’v devoured this book and have told everyone I know about it!!!

  11. Bill Christie

    Jeff…..I’ve been looking for another Noah Braddock book for a long time, and found “Liquid Smoke” last week. I couldn’t put it down, and was so glad to reconnect with Noah. His relationship with Carter is what gives the zip to the whole thing. I’m just hoping that Noah’s sudden exit at the end of the book doesn’t affect a future book in the series. I’m looking forward to more, so I hope you have more plans for our hero and his buddy Carter. Good Stuff!

    Bill Christie
    Tucson, Arizona

  12. Bill Christie


    Thought I’d throw in another question for you. I’ve been trying to fing “Dead Week”. From the description, it looks good…..is it out there anywhere?

  13. Vicki H

    I just finished “Thread of Hope”. Please tell me a sequel is in the works. I got your book free at Amazon for my Kindle and thank you for that but please do a sequel if there isn’t one already. Now with all the people who read it from Amazon on top of the ones that previously bought it, it would seeem like an easy best sellet. Don’t ya think? I love, love, love “Thread of Hope”. Now will have to check out your other books. SEQUEL, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  14. Mitzie

    Just finished Thread of Hope. Wanna know about that picture…I didn’t see a follow up book…any chance I missed it? Do I have a Thread of Hope that there will be a conclusion to Elizabeth’s whereabouts?

    1. Hi Mitzie – there will definitely be more books in the Joe series. Thread of Hope was the first, so you haven’t missed it. I’ll keep you updated – thanks!

      1. Tony Dasovic - Australia

        Hi Jeff, there has been no word from you in over 6 months? Have you been hibernating with the word processor? I’m sure that most of ust that enjoy your writing are hoping that is the case! When are you going to climb out from under whatever rock you are hiding under?
        Cheers, Tony

  15. Jim Crankshaw

    Started reading “Thread of Hope. Fun! BUT…My high school English teacher told me that if you spell “all right” “alright”, you are “all wrong”. (Three such errors in the first 50 pages.)

  16. Jeff

    Jeff, THREAD OF SUSPICION is out. I had no idea. Just bought it for my Kindle on iPad. My wife didn’t want to wait so bought it for her Kindle Fire. Good luck with the book.

  17. Susan Mezias

    Hi Jeff, I have finished both Thread of Hope & Thread of Suspicion. Please tell me the name of the next! Gotta have it! They are both terrific & I have to know what happens! Can’t find the name of the next one any where!! Can you please let me know? I’m buying it right away!

  18. Amy Albi

    Hey, JEFF!
    ‘memba me? How could you forget the SMA Business Office!?!? I know it was a million years ago, but I’m sure if you think really really uh really hard…
    SO happy you have more books for me to buy!!!! Steve wants to know if you put him in any of your books yet! Ha! (you wrote that with your autograph in Wicked Break)!
    Anyway…congrats! Still miss you in Colorado and SMA.
    PS Andrew Beckham just got a book published and it reminded me of you and that is why I googled you and, well you get it. Look him up if you get a chance! Or if you want. I’m not gonna tell you what to do. You’re a grown man…
    Amy 🙂

  19. Rhoda

    Please let us know when Joe Tyler #3 will be coming out. So worried I will miss it. Outstanding series – fantatically written.

  20. Holly

    I started reading your “Noah books” a couple years ago, and have waited not so patiently for each follow up to be released. I am ready for more! I discovered your “Joe books” about 2 weeks ago and fell in love immediately (I grew up on the island and still live here…how did I not know of these books sooner?!) I read all 3 in one weekend and I cannot wait for more.

    Both series are great and I highly recommend them to everybody I know and regularly give them as gifts. Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading.

  21. Moose

    Hey Jeff, where the heck have you been? I finally got my copy of Drift Away and really look forward to reading it. How come no posts in over a year?

  22. I have just finished reading the Joe Tyler series. The story and plot are great. The discrepancies make me wonder if you remember what you wrote in earlier parts of the story. In THREAD OF HOPE – 1) pg 79 “Elizabeth rolled her eight-year-old eyes” ;and 2) pg 79 “I held up an extension cord. We’re gonna need another one of these.” In THREAD OF INNOCENCE – 1) PG 60 “i was still thinking of her as the ten year old I’d left in the yard”; and 2) pg 34 “The Christmas lights. I’d gone back into the house to find more lights.”

  23. Sallyanne

    Jeff..where are you??? Your post from 2012 said a fourth Noah book was being constructed. Where is he??? Just finished Liquid Smoke and I need my Noah fix!!! Hmmm..maybe I need to look into Joe Tyler….

  24. Bre

    Please refrain from using the derogatory term “midget” in your future books. Little people, those with dwarfism do not appreciate that negative word. Awareness is important so that different groups are not offended. Thank you.

  25. Hi Jeff,

    What have you done to me????!!

    I have just read the first three books in the Joe series downloading them one after another in About 48 hours – fantastic writing, absolutely gripping – and I’m now way behind in my own work as a result. Loved them: great characterisations, just enough detail re settings and brilliant cliffhangers. I had to force myself to put the Kindle away … But I’m looking forward to picking it up for book 4 shortly!

    I’m also going to recommend you to my mother who loves crime fiction and gets through more books in a week at 77 years of age than I do – like you I’m also a secondary school English teacher.

    Thanks for the thoroughly enjoyable and very well-written stories: I’m looking forward to investigating and exploring you more thoroughly – well, your work angway…!

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