My Books

Everything I’ve written to date:

The Noah Braddock books

Killer Swell

Wicked Break

Wicked Break Web Small Image.jpeg

Liquid Smoke

Liquid Smoke Cover Web Small Image.jpeg

Drift Away

DRIFT Away Web Small image.jpeg

Locked In

Locked Web Small Image

Impact Zone

Impact Zone Small Size

Wipe Out

Close Out

CloseOut small web image


The Joe Tyler books

Thread of Hope

Thread Web Small.jpeg

Thread of Suspicion

Suspicion Web Small.jpeg

Thread of Betrayal

BETRAYAL Web Small.jpeg

Thread of Innocence

INNOCENCE Web Small.jpeg

Thread of Fear

Fear Web Small.jpeg

Thread of Revenge

Revenge Web Small.jpeg

Thread of Danger

DangerCoverSmall Size

Thread of Doubt

The Elizabeth Tyler books

What She Lost

What She Lost for web

What She Found

whatshefound for web

What She Knows

whatsheknows small web

The Moose River books

The Murder Pit

The Murder Pit Web Small.jpeg

Last Resort

Last Resort Web Small.jpeg

Alibi High

Theme with big school building

Foul Play

Foul Play Web Small.jpeg

You’ve Got Blackmail 

You've Got Blackmail Web Small.jpeg

Assisted Murder

Assisted Murder Web Small.jpeg

Death at the Diner


School of Murder

Dead in the Water

Dead In The Water for website

The Rainy Day books

Bought The Farm

BoughtFarm small size.jpeg

When The Rooster Kills


Crack of Death


Planting Evidence

PlantingEvidence small size

One Bad Egg

Bale Out

Last Straw

Cut and Died

Sour Grapes

SourGrapes for website

Tying the Knot

Tying knot for website

The Capitol Cases books

Dead on Arrival

National Maul

CapitolCases for web

Dark Horse

DarkHorse for web

The Sunny Springfield Mysteries

Dead by Dinner Time

dead dinnertime for web

Beauty and the Thief

beautythief for web

Cutting Ties

cuttingties small web

The Deuce Winter books (written as Jeffrey Allen)

Stay At Home Dead

Stay At Home Dead Cover Web Small.jpeg

Popped Off

Popped Off Cover Web Small.jpeg

Father Knows Death

Father Knows Death Cover Web Small.jpeg

Novel for Young Adults

Playing The Game

PTG Small size


Short Story Collection

Out of Time

Out of Time Cover Web Small.jpeg


8 thoughts on “My Books

    1. Welllll – there are four different series – I think starting with the first book in each makes the most sense, just because you get a better sense of the characters and you can decide if you like them. But you can start with any series – whichever one strikes your fancy!!! 🙂

    2. Genevieve

      They are all so good. I can never put them down till I have finished one. I agree with another post we need another Noah story

  1. I saw a book by you called Dead Week on Amazon but it was ‘unavailable’ and I cannot find it anywhere else. IT isn’t even listed on your website. Is it yours? Or by another author of the same name. If yours, where can I find it, please? Thanks.

  2. Penny Miller

    Thank you for adding Thread of Fear to the Joe Tyler series. I wanted to know what happened to John Anchor’s boss or really who took over when he passed away. I assume in this book he has passed but I will have to read and find out. I could see John and Joe in a spin off with Joe still finding missing loved ones and John filling the shoes of Marc’s father both as boss and stand in dad for Marc. I truly enjoyed each book and have recommended them to my friends.

  3. Ralph Jones

    Just read “Killer Swell” my first Jeff Shelby book. I picked it up at my local library. They sell all of their withdrawn books and htat i swhereI found it. I am looking forward to reading more of your books. I know San Diago well but havn’t been there in years so i really had fun reading this book. I am a big Stuart Woods fan but I think you just joined him as one of my favorite reads!

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