Sara Gran Is About To Screw Up My Weekend

I’m kinda pissed at Sara Gran.  She’s about to royally screw up my weekend.

I’ve got a ton of crap to do, okay?  Work on the novels (there seems to be this deadline staring me in the face whose gaze I keep avoiding), prepare for upcoming school year (who ate my summer?), learn Chinese (not really), scour the Internets for more awesome reviews of LIQUID SMOKE (oh lookee! I found one!), clean the house (hahahahah yeah right), sunbathe (during the middle of the night because it’s supposed to 152 degrees during the days) and unpack from my vacation (or just throw it all in the car and leave again).  I.  Am.  Busy.  But it appears as if Sara doesn’t care.

Now, I’ve never met her and she seems like a lovely woman from what I’ve read about her.  I heard lots of great things about Dope and Come Closer, but I never got a chance to read either because, you know, life and stuff.  So I’m sure she’s not trying to screw up my weekend on purpose.

But while I was on vacation last week, I happened across an interview she did with CNN.  In fact, I read it the day after leaving New Orleans, where I spent the first two days of my trip.  I was all like “Oh!  Wow!  Sara Gran wrote a book with a P.I. and I write books with a P.I. and she wrote a book set in New Orleans and I just left New Orleans!  We would probably be great friends!  Or awkward acquaintances!”  Anyway, after reading the interview, I was intrigued by what I’d read about her new book, Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead.  So I went to that big book seller on the Internet and discovered I could read the first few pages right then and there.

And…wow.  It doesn’t suck.  At all.  In fact, it’s kind of futhermuckin’ awesome.  So unsucky and awesome that I was forced to download it to that reading device I seem to be using a whole lot more these days.  And now I can’t put it down.

And now NOTHING is going to get done this weekend because I’m going to be spending the entire weekend reading Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead and reveling in it’s awesomeness.  THANKS ALOT, SARA!!!

If you’d like to screw up YOUR weekend, I highly recommend checking the book out.

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