Thursday Thread

See?  I told you this was gonna be a regular thing…

A little bit about the protagonist in THREAD OF HOPE:

Joe Tyler is a former Coronado police officer.  After his daughter was abducted, he left the small Coronado force under a cloud of suspicion and in hope of finding his daughter.  The cloud never lifted and he never found his daughter.  Now, he spends his life looking for other people’s children, hoping to spare them the pain he has to endure every day in not knowing what happened to his child.  He’s a bit of a vagabond, but as I mentioned last week, he gets called back to San Diego to help a friend.  He hasn’t been there for a number of years and he doesn’t plan to stay.  He’s now divorced – the abduction destroyed his marriage – and he’s not comfortable staying in one place.  Because he needs to keep looking for his own daughter.

Will he find her?

I don’t know.

But Joe will be around for awhile.

You can get the book right here and if you’ve already read it, I’d love it if you’d post a review over at Amazon.

And be on the look out involving promotions for both THREAD OF HOPE and STAY AT HOME DEAD in the next few days…

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thread

    1. jennifer leblanc

      i loved it i cant wait for you to get book 2 out i want him to find elizabeth at first i was hoping merideth was
      but if you didnt have this book for free rate now on amazon i would of paid for it
      i think its worth paying for

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