It’s The End of The School Year

Well, not technically.  We still have like six more weeks to go.  But it’s crunch time, which means things need to be graded, parent emails need to be responded to, final exams must be created, student anxiety must be quelled and assorted other teacherly tasks must be completed.

And that also means the blog gets ignored.


But you’re in luck.  Because even though I haven’t written anything new, I did take time out to do a quick interview with the totally awesome Kristi Belcamino.  It’s over at her blog.  Go read it to learn new and fascinating things about me.  And while you’re there – check out her photography and her writings.  Fantastically cool stuff.  It makes this blog look drab and boring.  Maybe I need some new curtains…

Oh, and for those that are curious:  yeah, I’m about 2/3 of the way done with the new Noah book….excerpts coming soon.

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