#70 Ain’t Gonna Get It Done

So despite all of your valiant attempts, OUT OF TIME only made it to #70 on the free download list.  I cried for a day and I think I’m finally ready to let it go.  Maybe.

Thank you to all of those who downloaded and helped to spread the word to your friends and enemies.

And our deal was that if it made it all the way to #1, then I would tell you the title of the new Noah book and post the first chapter.

But it didn’t make it that far and a deal’s a deal.

So I’m sorry that I can’t post the first chapter of the new Noah book or tell you that it’s called DRIFT AWAY.  I really wanted to.

Maybe next time.


3 thoughts on “#70 Ain’t Gonna Get It Done

  1. Rob Tiffey

    Look forward to the next Braddock novel, Enjoyed the first two books. A fellow teacher here with a few writing questions when you have a free minute, thanks.

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