So for those of you who haven’t been able to sleep, waiting for the fourth novel in the Noah Braddock series, I have good news.  You can finally sleep.

It’s now available for those of you with Kindles and Kindle Apps.  For those that prefer a hard copy, those are on the way, too – just need a few more days for those to become available.  (Also – THREAD OF HOPE will also finally be available in paper.)

Don’t believe me? Well, I got me a dollar that says if you click on this pretty little picture down below (or right here), you are gonna find yourself a book called DRIFT AWAY, the fourth novel in the Noah Braddock series, written by me.

Go ahead.


So now you’re asking what it’s about.  Here’s the fancy schmancy description:

Forced to leave San Diego after his life is destroyed by tragedy, Noah is hiding and trying to heal on the Florida Panhandle. Paralyzed by fear and the pain of loss, he’s isolated himself and given up everything that meant anything to him. When a young boy comes to him on the beach, unable to find his mother, Noah is pulled into both of their troubled lives. As he reluctantly works to protect them from local thugs, he must confront the memories that continue to haunt him. Those memories come to life when shadowy figures from his past show up in Florida. While he grapples with this, a new threat emerges that will forever change the lives of the boy and his mother and compels Noah to make a choice – keep running or face the consequences of his shattered life. 

Picking up where the critically acclaimed LIQUID SMOKE left off, DRIFT AWAY exposes a new Braddock – introspective, lost, confused…but not yet broken.

Whoa.  That sounds kinda cool.  Here’s what I’d tell you in my own words:

I took some risks with LIQUID SMOKE.  I’m not going to give away anything for those that haven’t read it, but I sorta blew the series up to some degree.  At the very least, I changed the course of the series and certainly changed Noah’s life.  The fallout from that story required a different kind of book to follow it.  So while DRIFT AWAY is a Noah book, Noah is different in it.  Quiet.  Introspective.  Worried.  Scared.  And a whole lot of other things.  He’s not running around trying to solve some complicated mystery.  It was a hard book to write because I couldn’t just shove a gun in his hand and have him fix things.  More than anything, he’s trying to fix himself.  (Don’t worry, though.  I do shove a gun in his hand a couple of times.)

So there you go.  It’s out and waiting to be read.  If you read it, I’d be greatly appreciative if you’d leave a review for it somewhere – Amazon, Goodreads, my front door, wherever.

Oh, and those shadowy figures referred to up above?  If you haven’t grabbed a copy of OUT OF TIME, you might want to.  A couple of those shadowy figures are from the Noah short story in that collection.  (And, uh, you didn’t hear it from me, but you might be able to get that collection REALLY cheap in the next day or so.  Keep your eyes open.)

Thank you to everyone who continues to ask for more Noah books.  I’m glad he’s carved out a place in your reading world.

And before you ask…yes, there’ll be another Noah book.

Sooner than you think…

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