You’ve Got Blackmail

Well, not you personally. At least, I hope not…

You’ve Got Blackmail is the fifth installment in the Moose River mystery series. And here’s what the fancy, schmancy cover looks like:

You've Got Blackmail_medium

And here’s what it’s about:

When Jake’s ex-wife moves to Minnesota, Daisy does her best to make Stella Gardner feel welcome. She puts on a smile as she helps Stella move into her new home, and she even invites her to Thanksgiving dinner, hoping for a smooth transition as they redefine their blended family.

But when Stella confides that she’s receiving threats at her new job, Daisy realizes that Stella’s life is being complicated by more than just sharing holidays and custody. And when those threats take a darker turn – a turn that affects Daisy and her family, too – she knows she’s going to have to get involved.

Because her family’s happiness – and safety – depends on it.

Mystery and shenanigans. Probably your two favorite things. Maybe?

Anyway – it’ll be available a week from today on all of the usual ebook retailing sites. I’ll let you know the second it’s available. The second!

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One thought on “You’ve Got Blackmail

  1. Naomi Gargano

    Mr. Shelby, any more Duece Winter books in the future? Love them , laugh out loud and good mystery…what more can a fan want….

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