There’s Some New Stuff

I know I don’t update this page very often (HINT: sign up for my newsletter if you want regular updates), but my list of books is now updated and current. Check it out if you’re wondering if you’re all caught up!

One thought on “There’s Some New Stuff

  1. Teresa

    Hello, Jeff or (Dear Mr Shelby) which ever you prefer.
    I have an interesting story regarding your book. I began reading it in an electronic form about five years ago. I read the first chapter and then I lost tract of it. I didn’t even think about it until last night and suddenly I needed to know how the story unfolded. There was a problem: I couldn’t remember the title or your name. I simply searched “mystery renovations” on BookBub website and scoured the search result. It took a half hour, but I found your book. My compliments to the graphic artistic responsible for your cover. It made you easy to find. Well, I am reading your work now and having as much fun as I remember. I will let you know what I think. I was hoping this story might provide you with information on promoted your books.
    Yours So Truly,
    Teresa McLaughlin

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