Publisher’s Weekly Likes Me

I’ve been fortunate that my first two books were reviewed pretty well.  Sure, some random dude ripped me on Amazon, but the media and industry publications have generally been kind to me.  And I swear – money never changed hands to make it happen.

The first review for Liquid Smoke came in yesterday from Publisher’s Weekly.  And sounds like they liked it.  The highlights:

‎”Jeff Shelby’s searing third Noah Braddock novel takes the San Diego surfer and PI into a heartbreaking, life-changing case of loss and discovery . . . Shelby pulls no punches in this raw confrontation between a stone-cold killer and a man pushed beyond the brink.”

Did I write that?  I guess I did.  Anyway – it’s nice that the first one’s a good one.



This Horrible Song Is Probably On Alison Gaylin’s iPod

Every Friday, I’ll be featuring some horrible song that is most likely on Alison Gaylin’s iPod.  You see, back in the olden days (2009) she and I would share our affection for awful yet catchy pop songs.  I’ve grown out of this and am now totally awesome and cool.  Anyway, every Friday, you’ll be subjected to some horrific bubblegum pop tune that she is undoubtedly singing at the top of her lungs.  I’m sorry.  For all of this.

Today’s selection:  Price Tag by Jessie J.  Because she’s too great for a full last name.

It’s Not Me, But It Really Is

Okay so yesterday I made mention of another book coming out in January called Stay At Home Dead.  I’m sure millions of you then ran to the Internet and began frantically searching for more information on this book.

And had no luck.

Allow myself to introduce…myself.  I’m not just Jeff Shelby anymore.  I’m also Jeffrey Allen.  TWICE AS MUCH ME!!!

Sometimes in publishing it’s necessary to use a pseudonym.  I’m still not exactly sure why, but this is what I’m told.  So when you see me and I’m dressed up as Jeffrey Allen, just pretend you don’t recognize me and we can awkwardly say hi and then move on to wherever we were going.

Essentially, I’m using the pseudonym to keep the two series separate.  The Noah books – traditional crime novels featuring a private investigator – are written by Jeff Shelby.  The Deuce books – cozy mysteries that feature all sorts of lunacy – are written by Jeffrey Allen.  Both authors are devastatingly handsome.

A little about Stay At Home Dead – Deuce Winters is a stay at home dad in the small town of Rose Petal, Texas and his life gets a little complicated when he finds the dead body of an old high school rival in the backseat of his minivan.  As Deuce continues to battle the misconception that he is a stay at home dad because he’s lost his job/can’t find a job/leeching off his wife/lazy/incompetent/a little girly, he must now attempt to clear his name of wrong doing.  In doing so, he runs up against devious PTA moms, a toupee-wearing Elvis lookalike and a midget private detective.  (Yeah.  I said midget.)  Hilarity and hijinks and mystery solving ensue.

I’ll pause while you ooh and aah and tell all of your friends.


Then And Now

I used to blog here.  It’s been about a year since FO went to blog heaven.  So many things are different now.  Like…

Then:  I had a blog with Lori, Alison, Karen and Neil.

Now:  I cut the dead weight.  (You can find them over in the side bar.)

Then:  I didn’t have a book deal.

Now:  I’m all book dealed up, baby.  Liquid Smoke on August 1st.  Stay At Home Dead in January.  (More on this book later.)

Then:  I was good looking.

Now:  I’m better looking.

Then:  I worked from home.

Now:  I teach high school students.

Then:  I wrote on a crappy computer.

Now:  I write on a super badass MacBook Pro.

Then:  I was impatient.


Then:  I had a Blackberry which refused to allow me to respond to blog comments on the go and caused me to spew profanity.

Now:  I have an iPhone to respond to your comments.  I still spew profanity for other reasons.

Then:  There were no In-N-Outs in Texas.

Now:  There are TWO In-N-Outs in Texas

Then:  Life was boring.


So as you can plainly see, Now clearly owns Then.


A Question That You Are No Doubt Dying To Ask Me

What is Liquid Smoke about?

GREAT QUESTION, Imaginary Internet Person.  Here’s the official description:

Private eye Noah Braddock has finally found peace in his once tumultuous relationship with Detective Liz Santangelo and has called a tentative truce with his alcoholic mother, Carolina. So when lawyer Darcy Gill demands that he look into a hopeless death row case, he’s more interested in catching some waves before San Diego’s rare winter weather takes hold. Then Darcy plays her trump card: the man scheduled to die—convicted of killing two men in cold blood—is the father Noah never knew.

Cue the dramatic music.

Let’s put it like this – just when Noah thinks his life is starting to calm down and fall into place, it blows up in his face.  (Hey!  That rhymes!)  Noah is faced with some of the toughest decisions of his life and those decisions shatter his life and change him forever.


Feed your excitement and anticipation by pre-ordering it today.  Your life will be better for it.  Guaranteed.*

*Not actually guaranteed so please don’t ask for your money back if your life is not better for it.