It’s Not Me, But It Really Is

Okay so yesterday I made mention of another book coming out in January called Stay At Home Dead.  I’m sure millions of you then ran to the Internet and began frantically searching for more information on this book.

And had no luck.

Allow myself to introduce…myself.  I’m not just Jeff Shelby anymore.  I’m also Jeffrey Allen.  TWICE AS MUCH ME!!!

Sometimes in publishing it’s necessary to use a pseudonym.  I’m still not exactly sure why, but this is what I’m told.  So when you see me and I’m dressed up as Jeffrey Allen, just pretend you don’t recognize me and we can awkwardly say hi and then move on to wherever we were going.

Essentially, I’m using the pseudonym to keep the two series separate.  The Noah books – traditional crime novels featuring a private investigator – are written by Jeff Shelby.  The Deuce books – cozy mysteries that feature all sorts of lunacy – are written by Jeffrey Allen.  Both authors are devastatingly handsome.

A little about Stay At Home Dead – Deuce Winters is a stay at home dad in the small town of Rose Petal, Texas and his life gets a little complicated when he finds the dead body of an old high school rival in the backseat of his minivan.  As Deuce continues to battle the misconception that he is a stay at home dad because he’s lost his job/can’t find a job/leeching off his wife/lazy/incompetent/a little girly, he must now attempt to clear his name of wrong doing.  In doing so, he runs up against devious PTA moms, a toupee-wearing Elvis lookalike and a midget private detective.  (Yeah.  I said midget.)  Hilarity and hijinks and mystery solving ensue.

I’ll pause while you ooh and aah and tell all of your friends.


4 thoughts on “It’s Not Me, But It Really Is

  1. J. Eamigh

    I just finished reading Liquid Smoke on an ebook. It was a great story. However, one thing bothered me. You seem to have missed a basic principle of writing. When quoting speakers, you should begin a new paragraph EACH time the speaker changes. (Or has this principle changed?) I could not believe how many times you combined quotes in one paragraph. I was even more suprised when I discovered you have a BA in English.
    Please, this is only meant to be constructive criticism.

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