Then And Now

I used to blog here.  It’s been about a year since FO went to blog heaven.  So many things are different now.  Like…

Then:  I had a blog with Lori, Alison, Karen and Neil.

Now:  I cut the dead weight.  (You can find them over in the side bar.)

Then:  I didn’t have a book deal.

Now:  I’m all book dealed up, baby.  Liquid Smoke on August 1st.  Stay At Home Dead in January.  (More on this book later.)

Then:  I was good looking.

Now:  I’m better looking.

Then:  I worked from home.

Now:  I teach high school students.

Then:  I wrote on a crappy computer.

Now:  I write on a super badass MacBook Pro.

Then:  I was impatient.


Then:  I had a Blackberry which refused to allow me to respond to blog comments on the go and caused me to spew profanity.

Now:  I have an iPhone to respond to your comments.  I still spew profanity for other reasons.

Then:  There were no In-N-Outs in Texas.

Now:  There are TWO In-N-Outs in Texas

Then:  Life was boring.


So as you can plainly see, Now clearly owns Then.


2 thoughts on “Then And Now

  1. Then: The Padres couldn’t score runs at home.

    Now: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 = typical home stand run total.

    Yeah…the more things change….all that really matters is that Texas has In N Out.

    Great to see you writing again! Cant’ wait to get the new book!

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