Ten Things You Need To Know About Liquid Smoke

If you hadn’t heard, Liquid Smoke comes out on August 1st.  Here are ten things you should know about it:

1.  It’s a book.  With pages and words and stuff.  No pictures, though.

2.  It’s the third in a series featuring San Diego P.I. Noah Braddock.  You can find the first two books here and here.

3.  I wrote it.  All by myself.

4.  It’s a mystery.

5.  People die.

6.  It will not make your steaks smell/taste better.

7. Studies show that reading a book makes you 91% sexier.

8.  There’s a good chance that this book might make some people angry.

9.  Gambling.  Death penalty.  Immigrant smuggling.

10.  The book is filled with money.*

If you don’t order it, you will only have yourself to blame.


*Not every book will be filled with money.  In fact, none of them will be filled with money.

6 thoughts on “Ten Things You Need To Know About Liquid Smoke

  1. Mo

    Yipee!! I loved the first two book and I’m wicked excited about Liquid Smoke. Will it also be release as an ebook for the knidle? Right now the Amazon site will only let me pre-order in paper.

  2. Vince Fahey

    Hey Jeff,

    Really excited about Liquid Smoke… it’s been way too long since you put a book out. Not sure I remember how I discovered your work but I thought the first two books were great. Thanks for writing another.

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