People To Keep You Occupied

So as you are reading this, I am back at work.  My summer is over.  Lucky me.

But I didn’t want you to get bored today without me because I know how my absence will create a massive void in your Friday.

So…while you are waiting to order LIQUID SMOKE (what?  why are you waiting?  STOP WAITING.  NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM WAITING) here are a few places to check out today:

Do you know Chuck Wendig?  Why not?  People of the Internet, meet Chuck Wendig.

Oh, look.  There’s Keith Rawson.  You may not know this, but I’m his top Internet referrer.  I’m kind of important.

Over there, that’s Lorelei James.  She’s probably armed.  Be careful.  (Also – semi-nudity!)

See all those tattoos?  Ask Karen Olson about them.

Do you like mustaches and profanity?  Neil Smith has BOTH.

I don’t know The Bloggess, but I have a feeling we are going to be great friends.  Because I bought a metal chicken.

Dave White is a teacher, too, but because he is lazy, he doesn’t start school for like six more months or something.  Whatever.

Go forth and be friendly.

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