Well, Hi There.

KILLER SWELL was published in 2005, which sorta feels like a lifetime ago.  But I can remember when I got my author copies – the UPS guy dropped them off and I literally sat down on the tile in the entryway, opened the box and looked through the books.  It was like Christmas.  But better.

WICKED BREAK was published 2006.  I took the box into the living room this time before I opened it.  My daughter had just turned three and she helped me open it.  She was more interested in the box.

Well, yesterday, guess what showed up at my door?

I opened them in the living room.  Then I just sat down with them for a minute, looking at the covers and paging thru them, not really looking for anything.  And I think this time was the best because the wait was so long and because I like this book so much.  Plus, they are so pretty!

I’ll be giving a few of these away in the next few weeks – stay tuned for info – but you can assure yourself of getting one by going here.

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