It’s Friday, Friday…

Okay, this is gonna be quick because…um…well…because it’s the end of the first week of school and my brain is fried and I swear there is nothing left in my brain and HEY FRESHMAN WILL YOU PLEASE CLOSE YOUR MOUTH AND SIT DOWN???!!!

Whoa.  That was scary.  Sorry.

Anyway…today is your last chance to win a free copy of Liquid Smoke.  Wait, that doesn’t make sense.  It’s free because you win it.  That would be kinda funny if you won a copy and I charged you thirty seven bucks for it.  HAHA.

Seriously.  I’m fried.

Okay – today is your last chance to win a copy of Liquid Smoke.  Go on over to Facebook, like me and you’re in the drawing.  Winner(s) (what? there’s more than one?  MAYBE) will be announced right here on Monday.  So go like me.  RIGHT NOW.  (But, you know, just like me.  Don’t LIKE ME, like me, okay?  Then it’ll be all awkward and stuff and I won’t know what to say to you.)

One thought on “It’s Friday, Friday…

  1. Moose

    Very excited, I received confirmation that my order of “Liquid Smoke” has shipped from Amazon! Shipping date changes be damned, mine is on the way!

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