I’m Not Here Today. I’m At A Far Better Looking Place.

Wow.  It’s Wednesday already.  That’s what happens when you are teaching America’s youth.  Time flies.  Because you are about to die from exhaustion.

But I digress…

First off, thank you to all those that went to the Facebook page and liked it or me or however you say it.  Very much appreciated and all of your names have been deposited in the cereal bowl.  Stay tuned…or tell more people to about it.  CHANGE THEIR LIVES.

Second, I’m not here today.  I’m actually over at Murder She Writes, courtesy of my pal Lori Armstrong, one of the best writers I know.  (Just don’t let her drag you into any drinking establishments.  Ever.  Nothing good will come of it.  Nothing.)  You’ll notice that the authors over there are significantly better looking than the one here. So I’m hoping a little bit of pretty wears off on me.  Anyway…I’m over there.  Come check out the joint and let’s hope I don’t embarrass myself.

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