For Labor Day, I’m Not Going To Do Any Labor

Happy Labor Day.  Today’s the day we celebrate all of the women who have endured labor!  What?  No?  Oh, well, I’m sure it’s something like that.

First off – our winner from last week’s contest is Jeff Hoyle because he went over to Amazon and wrote a terrifically nice 5 star review.  Also – anyone with the name Jeff is made of awesome.  Jeff – send me your snail mail address at jeffreyshelby at gmail dot com and we’ll arrange for delivery of your fantastic prizes.

Second – I had sweet corn ice cream yesterday.  With honey butter bacon sauce. And you did not.  It.  Was. Brilliant.

Third – it’s Labor Day and as the title says, I’m not going to do any labor.  So now I’m going to rest.  I rename this day Non-Labor Day.

Enjoy your day off!!!

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