I Can’t Wait To Read On The KindleFireInkPad

Okay, so I apologize for the lack of posting around here lately.  Life has been busy and I’ve been busy the last two days losing eleven pounds, courtesy of the stomach flu.  Take THAT, P90X!

Anyway, while I’ve been home from work, lying near death on the couch, all of the news channels and the Internet have been abuzz with Amazon’s big fancy announcement about their new tablet/ereader/iPad competitor.  I’ve read probably a dozen articles and seen maybe half a dozen news reports and I still don’t know what the difference is between all of them.  And everyone wants to position them against the iPad, but seeing how stripped down they are, I just don’t really see that.

I own a Kindle.  Honestly, I don’t even know which generation it is.  Got it almost two years ago for Christmas from my parents.  I really like it and I really like having books available at the push of a button.  The prices are somewhat prohibitive at times because traditional publishers haven’t figured it out yet that we aren’t going to pay twelve books for an ebook on a regular basis, but I like the ease of use.

I’ve said all year that this was going to be the holiday period where they really exploded and that we’ll begin to see an ereader of some type in every home.  This announcement seems poised to make that happen.  I think the rapidly changing publishing industry is about to transform at warp speed.

None of what I’m saying is new or original – authors far more informed about ebooks have already espoused all of this – but it’s an interesting position for me to be in when I’ll see two books published within six months of each in what is essentially the traditional model.

So I have a simple question.  How many of you who might’ve purchased Liquid Smoke did so on an ereader?  I know some of you have already mentioned it if you did, but if you haven’t, I’m just curious to find out who is reading me electronically.


I honestly have no idea.  I’m just curious, I guess.  Nothing scientific or anything like that.  I’m just curious how the book is getting to people.

So if you feel like letting me know…let me know.

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