#1 With A Bullet

When I woke up yesterday morning, I didn’t have much planned.  Some writing, a possible museum trip with my daughter, a ton of school work, some football, normal Sunday laziness.  But I opened my email and in my Google alerts, I saw that Liquid Smoke was being offered for free for Kindle on Amazon.

Weird.  I didn’t know anything about it, so I checked the Amazon listing and sure enough, it was free.

Hmmm.  Interesting.

So I set about letting everyone know on Twitter and Amazon and I posted on the Kindle boards for the first time.  I thought it was an opportunity to get the book to a few people who might not otherwise see it.

And as the day went on, it started to climb.  I think when I first saw it in the morning, it was somewhere just over 1,000 in all free ebooks and I didn’t notice the mystery ranking.

About an hour later, it jumped into the 200s and was 19th in mystery.

And then it hit #10 in mystery.

Then 8.

Then 5.

Then 4.

And then at 3:30, it was #1 in Mystery and I think 22 overall.  I honestly can’t remember because I was surprised.

I’ve never had any book hit #1 on ANY list.  I had to keep checking it make sure I was right.  And I was.  It was #1.

And as the day wore on, it held at #1 and crept up overall.  Last I checked, it was at #13 last night.

I got an email during the day, asking me why I cared because obviously I wasn’t making any money because these were free downloads.

Here’s why I care:  in one day, my book got the kind of exposure I’ve been trying to get for six years.  One day.  My audience just expanded exponentially.  There is no price that you can put on that.  None.  My hope is that a few of those people will read the book, like it, maybe review it, maybe buy the other books already out and hopefully buy future books.  It was an investment in the future.

So a HUGE thank you to Ben LeRoy at Tyrus Books for throwing LIQUID SMOKE out there for free.  I don’t know how long it’s gonna be free.

But I know yesterday was awesome.

11 thoughts on “#1 With A Bullet

  1. Jeff

    Congratulations. After they read LIQUID SMOKE they need to go back and read Noah’s other novels. Then, like us, they’ll be waiting for the next. Your fans will also be increasing exponentially!

  2. Jochem Vandersteen

    Awesome move with Liquid Smoke. I loved the first Braddock mystery and I’m sure this will bring in the long term fans the series deserves.
    If you’d appreciate some extra help promoting it, mail me at jvdsteen-at-hotmail.com. http://Www.sonsofspade.tk is ready for you!

  3. Vicki

    I got it on the B&N site. Good news: it was free. Bad news: now I want to read the others. Is there another one coming out that I should look for when I’m done with the preceding books? I am enjoying the character and the writing is solid.

  4. Tony Dasovic

    Thanks for kick starting Noah, I’ve been waiting for a new book for so long! It seems that people are waking up to your books finally, it’s about damn time! Cheers from Australia

  5. Anna Mc

    They certainly got me hooked with the freebie (in a good way, of course). I just bought Killer Swell and I’m already wanting the next in the series. Write faster already!

  6. Toshia

    I just finished Liquid Smoke, it was great! I’m glad it was offered free, I will def be buying your other books. I hope there will be more with Noah and Carter!

  7. Tony Dasovic

    Hey Jeff, I purchased Liquid Smoke (must be hard cover!) from Amazon and they just sent me an email to say that they had cancelled my order because they could not fill the order. WTF! I would really like to get a hard cover copy to match the other 2 books, any ideas on where I can get it???
    Cheers, Tony (Australia)

  8. Linda

    I got Liquid Smoke on the Amazon Free ebooks and loved it. Went and got your other two books in the Noah Braddock series! Course I had to pay for those, which is good for you! Can’t wait to see if there is another one coming!

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