So I’ve developed this pain in my right wrist.  I can type for a few minutes before it acts up and makes it fairly uncomfortable to continue.  I’ve tried different positions and a wrist pad and several other things, all to no avail.  WTF?  It’s seriously hurting me and, yes, I feel ridiculous even admitting that, given that I’ve mocked my best friend for the last twenty years for developing carpal tunnel while managing a Baskin-Robbins while in college.

It is actually beginning to affect my writing output.  That concerns me.

Make it go away.  Please.

5 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. If it has only just started it could just be Tendonitis or RSI rather than Carpel Tunnelling. Rest and stretching exercises can help. I’ve been using either an over-sized mouse or a trackball for years now to help my crunchy wrist. Gel wrist rests help too.

  2. I had that for a while, finally went to the doctor. They hooked me up to electrodes — on my hand/wrist, for a change — and ran some tests. Wasn’t CT. Anyway, I raised and lowered by chair and keyboard, got a gel wrist rest (three times fast) like Tony Lane mentions, and generally just altered my workspace until it got less uncomfortable. There’s some OSHA site around with all kinds of suggestions. Also, I think, Lifehacker.com had some help.

  3. Gretchen

    Go find a chiropractor who does ART (Active Release Technique) That works for CT, Tendonitis etc. It’s essentially very targeted stretching of the tissues that are binding up. I’ve controlled my CT for ten years that way. Google it, there’s a website for art and you can get some stretching exercises from it.

  4. Try accupuncture you will be surprised. Also, you could try Ashi Pain – BW from Ashi Research. You will have to have a practioner of some sort order it for you. Superb pain relief, brings blood flow
    to the affected area and speeds healing.

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