Thursday Thread

Okay, to try and cram everything that’s happened over the last four days would be a disservice to anyone who cares to read about it.  So I’m begging for your patience and let me get to the weekend so I can organize my thoughts coherently and give you a rundown on what’s occurred.

Here’s the very short version:

On Monday, I made THREAD OF HOPE free over at Amazon.

A LOT of people took advantage of that offer.

It became the #1 downloaded ebook on Amazon.

Then it wasn’t free anymore.

But people decided to pay for it.

It’s currently #47 on the Amazon bestseller list.  For books people pay for.  All books, not just fiction.  It’s #5 in mysteries.  It hit #1 on the mystery list for about an hour.

I’ve got about a million things to say about all of this – including exactly how I think it happened – but I need to get my thoughts organized so I don’t sound like more of a babbling idiot than normal.  Which would really be saying something.

So – thank you for your patience.  And thank you for buying my books and telling your friends and family.  Thank you.  I’ll figure out a way to repay you.  I really will.

Stay tuned…more soon…very soon…


18 thoughts on “Thursday Thread

  1. Becky Bowman

    Sorry, but I don’t want you to decompress and take time to get organized. Get back to that computer and write! Your book was captivating and the characters were alive. I think your days as a teacher may be numbered and this is a series that will take off. I can’t wait for the next book.

  2. Jeff

    Posted your first request on my FB page. Here’s a one of the replies I received:

    “Hi Jeff – thanks for that FB post about the Jeff Shelby book – Thread of Hope. I downloaded it free to my Kindle and read it in a day!! I liked it a lot – easy reading for poolside here in FL. Did you read it? If so, you must have enjoyed the girls basketball details – was he on target with that? I liked it.
    Now I’d like to read another of his. I see he’s got a few in the Noah Braddock series. You recommended Liquid Smoke – do you to have read the prior one(s)? ”

    Yep, you’re generating new fans every day.

    Alright, enough reading. Get back to your writing.

  3. Cat Jenkins

    I paid, happily so. Clicked you website link to see where you are at on your next book. Will happily follow your writing and can’t wait to find out where life takes Tyler.
    What I love best about your story.. the feel of reality and not a script. Characters filled with strengths and weakness that flesh out as very real .. that you hold your breath not sure what they will do. Because like real people, they surprise you. Love it!

  4. Chad

    I borrowed a thread of hope through amazon prime’s lending library. Excellent read. When I had finished readinh I returned the loaned ebook and then proceded to purchase it. To show my appreciation.

  5. Ineke

    I just finished reading “Thread of hope” which I got for free through Pixel of Ink on Facebook.
    Totally enjoyed it, kept me glued to my Kindle on pc screen, numb bum and all, lol
    I will definitely be looking at purchasing your other titles.
    Ps going “Free” was a bloody good idea as now you have another fan… me 🙂

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