I’m Writing As Fast As I Can

So last week, I said I had a million things to say about THREAD OF HOPE.  Making it free and all that followed.  I still do. But I also had a lot of people — A LOT — tell me to get writing.  Like now.  And that’s what I’m doing.  A book of short stories — including one with Joe from Thread of Hope and one with Noah Braddock as well as a few others.  Look for it in the next week.

I will update. I will share those thoughts.  But right now, I gotta keep these new fans happy.  And the best way to do that is to write.

Haven’t read Thread of Hope?  Here are a few five star reviews from readers:

“This is the first book of Shelby’s that I have read but it will not be the last. I got this as a free book from pixel of ink and couldn’t put it down once I started it.. anxiously waiting for the sequel and will buy it for sure.Will also get his other books now that I have discovered his writing..”

 “I just fInished reading Thread of Hope after starting it late last night. I am an avid reader and pretty fussy about what I enjoy reading. This has to be one of the best I’ve read this year. I didn’t know who was the truly “bad” person until the end. Each of the characters seemed so real, like you could see them on the street and know who they were. As a parent I felt the tale told was very sad but definitely plausible. Highly recommend this book.”

“This is one of the best thrillers that I have read! The pacing is excellent and at the end of nearly every chapter there are cliff hangers, both large and small. Beyond the plot, which fits logically together and moves swiftly, the back story involving the disappearance of narrator Joe Tyler’s daughter, Elizabeth, and the heartbreaking dissolution of his marriage give the story and characters weight and substance. As a reader you care and root for Joe and his former wife, Lauren.  The many characters are memorable and vividly drawn such that the reader easily keeps track of them as they move in and out of the story. Often in reading such books the reader quickly figures out the “who done it” but this story is so intricately drawn and carefully constructed that the reader is never ahead of investigator Joe Tyler as he carefully puts the pieces of the mystery together.  The book is also much more than a series of plot twists. As the story progresses, author Jeff Shelby slowly peals away layer after layer of the main characters personalities and motivations. Even the setting–Coronado Island and San Diego–works and is refreshingly not the typical L.A. or big city locale. This would make a great movie. I also understand the author is preparing a sequel–I for one can’t wait! A great read!”

It’s still on the top 25 mystery list over at Amazon.  And if everyone that reads this asks a couple of friends to check it out…well, who knows?  I might just show you the cover to the short stories…soon.  Because it’s freaking awesome.

9 thoughts on “I’m Writing As Fast As I Can

  1. Diane E Murphy

    Just finished Thread of Hope, loved it. Please tell me there will be a follow up, I want more. Mean while I will read another of your books. Thank you.

    1. Hi Gwyn – thanks so much for the nice words. And there will be a sequel. Soon. And there will be a short story featuring Joe available even sooner. Check back later this week!

  2. Amanda

    Any details on when the next Joe book is out? I downloaded the free first book then a day later bought the second….. Now I need the third!!!

  3. Tracey Doering-Beatty

    When is the third book of ‘The Joe Tyler Series’ coming out? I enjoyed the first two so much but I don’t like being left hanging. Details please.

  4. Nick

    I literally just read both of the Joe Tyler books for the past 7 hours. I have to go to bed now, and I don’t suppose there is any way the third will be done by the time I wake up?

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