We Won So You Win

Okay – we won on Saturday 41-39, advancing to the the state final four for the second year in a row.

But I fell asleep on the bus.

So I couldn’t draw names until today.

Tom, you were #1.

Diane Murphy, you were #2.

Email me at jeffreyshelby@gmail.com and let me know which format you prefer, Kindle or PDF.  (If you need another format, I’m sure we can figure it out.)

For everyone else – thank you.  For commenting and for all the nice things you’ve said.  GROUP HUG.

OUT OF TIME should be available tomorrow…I’ll post here as soon as it’s available.

Tick tick tick…

2 thoughts on “We Won So You Win

  1. Mike Casassa

    Reading your post I see that “Out of Time” will be available tomorrow on ebook. When I search Amazon I cannot find any mention of it. Is this a self published release? I ask as I have been working on a first novel for some time and am interested in self publishing as an ebook, if I have ‘trouble’ finding an agent and a publisher.


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