Win A Free Copy Of OUT OF TIME

OUT OF TIME will hit Amazon early next week. Are you dying to read it?  Do you wish you could set an Amazon alert the moment it goes live?  (Wow, that would actually be really awesome, come to think of it.)

Never fear. I’m giving away a FREE digital copy of OUT OF TIME to one lucky reader.  How do you enter? Leave me a comment telling me which short story you’re most excited to read.  That’s it. Simple.  I’ll pick one winner  (well, maybe two if I’m feeling generous or if my girls’ basketball team wins this Saturday’s state regional playoff game) to receive a digital ARC of OUT OF TIME.

So.  Which story is it gonna be?

  • TWISTED SISTER —  two sisters get down and dirty ripping off a check cashing joint.
  • SPARRING PARTNER — a battered woman makes a decision that dramatically changes the course of her life.
  • JACKED UP — a cop on the brink of retirement makes a mistake…a mistake he can’t escape from.
  • THE BEGINNING OF THE END —  Liz Santangelo keeps a secret from Noah, until he becomes unwillingly involved.
  • FROZEN IN TIME —  Joe Tyler’s life stands still the day his daughter is abducted.

What are you waiting for?  GO COMMENT.  NOW.  I’m choosing a winner while I’m on the bus Saturday night, driving from College Station back to Dallas.  Two, if we win.  (No pressure, girls.)

17 thoughts on “Win A Free Copy Of OUT OF TIME

  1. Liz

    Gotta read The Beginning of the End…just finished all 3 of Noah, and I am just not ready to be done with them. Loved the characters, took guts to do what you did to Liz, but I miss Noah, Carter and Liz!!

  2. Jeff

    THE BEGINNING OF THE END. Knowing our time with Liz was over too soon, I am curious about any further backstory we can get. Liz we hardly knew ye!

    (Good luck in the game. Gave my team 2 days off to rest and recuperate before we make our tournament push. Injuries have been killing us. Hopefully our leading scorer is cleared to play. Back to work tomorrow.)

  3. Mike Casassa

    So how does one answer this question? which story am I most excited to read? The truth is that I have enjoyed reading about Noah for years now, but really enjoyed reading Thread. I acutally just finished- 2 minutes ago- Stay at Home Dead, and it ranks up there on my Favorite lists….so which story am I really excited to read…..well all of them of course!

    I am now adding Jeffrey Allen to my list- right next to Carl Hiaasen, as my favorite ‘funny’ mystery suspence writers!!

    As for the BB game, good luck! I remember those days….(I now have 3 children in College- all played sports in High School, nothing in college except intermural!)


  4. Andrea Meier

    My vote is for Frozen in Time. I LOVED Joe in Thread of Hope and can’t wait to read more. I am also a huge Noah fan so I am anxiously awaiting the next book in that series too. I keep checking your site for undates. You can’t write them fast enough!! HAHA 🙂 I am very excited to read the short stories and who knows might even find a new favorite. Thanks for the great books!!

  5. Tom

    While I have been a fan of Noah and Carter since I discovered Killer Swell all those years ago, and having recently read Threads of Hope, I can honestly say I am eagerly awaiting the chance to read all of Out of Time. Your characters jump off the page and, along with Don Winslow, you occupy prime space on my bookshelf and Kindle.

  6. Mo

    More Noah in The Beginning of the End. However what I am really really looking forward to is more Deuce! So happy to have so much of your writing to read these days.

  7. Conner Rosing

    Frozen in time. I don’t know what i would do if my sister went missing. It’s my greatest fear. Weather or not i win i am buying this book.. I love your books mr. shelby and i cant get enough. Just finished thread of hope, and that can’t be the end. No no no it better not be i will explode.

  8. Tyler T

    They all sound very interesting. Twisted Sister and Jacked Up sound like must reads. I’m excited to read a couple of new Jeff Shelby stories. I’ve never read a book I didn’t enjoy from him. He actually got me into reading with his first Noah book. So my vote has to go to The Beginning of the End. I couldn’t wait for Liquid Smoke to come out and now I can’t wait for the next Noah book. This short story will hold me off until Jeff finishes up his next Noah book.

  9. I just finished reading Thread of Hope. I am a mother of four and that book broke my heart. I will count the days until I can read more about Joe Tyler and his search for Elizabeth, so my choice has to be Frozen in time. I also live in the DFW suburb, so we are neighbors.

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