The Story Behind The Story – SPARRING PARTNER

So, today, if everything goes according to plan, when you read this…my short story collection, OUT OF TIME, should be free for you to download.  I give, you take.  I’m that kind of guy.

Short stories have always been a difficult animal for me.  I find it tough to tell a complete story in such a condensed format.  But over the years, I’ve either attempted them on my own or been asked to write one.  The five in OUT OF TIME are a combination of my own inspiration and ones that I was asked to contribute.  And because I just love to talk about myself, I thought I’d give you a little insight into each story in the collection.

I really learned how to write from the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.  When I lived in Colorado, I joined RMFW and then joined an amazing critique group that truly taught me how to write.  When I was finally published for the first time, I tried to give back as much as I could – volunteering, mentoring, etc.  When the organization decided to put together an anthology and I was asked to write a story to be included, I agreed, despite being terrified of the medium.

I decided to write from a female POV because I’d never done that.  And I wanted there to be some conflict, some mystery because that’s what I was most comfortable writing.  No idea where the name Lucy Montoya came from – I just saw her at this cabin.  In the snow.  With her boyfriend.  That she couldn’t stand.

I knew it would be different than the others in the anthology and I liked that.

So that’s how Sparring Partner was born.

You can read it now – for free – if you go to Amazon and download OUT OF TIME.

One thought on “The Story Behind The Story – SPARRING PARTNER

  1. Diane E Murphy

    I was a ebook winnwer and have already read the book and I can assure you it wasn’t a disappointment! Diane Murphy

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