DRIFT AWAY is drifting upward…

So as of right this moment, DRIFT AWAY is currently the #1 most downloaded free Hard-Boiled Mystery book at Amazon.  Overall, it’s the #9 most downloaded free book in all of Amazonland.

That’s awesome.  Thank you to those that downloaded and shared with your friends.

And if you’d find a few more people to tell today, I’d appreciate it.

Because remember when THREAD OF HOPE hit #1 at Amazon?

That was all kinds of awesome and I’d love to see the same happen with a Noah book.  Because then I can get started on the NEXT Noah book.  Because I’ve got a seriously awesome idea for that one.

So tell a friend.  Send them the link to this post.  Point them to Amazon.  Ask them to download the book.  For free.

3 thoughts on “DRIFT AWAY is drifting upward…

  1. Jeff

    I couldn’t wait to see what happened next in Noah’s life. It was worth the wait. Took me a day to get through DRIFT AWAY. Excellent read. Congratulations. I’ve posted your link on FB a few times. Hoping a few of my friends will download it too.

  2. Mike Casassa

    Hey Jeff, So I was real glad to see that Noah figured it out, got out on the waves for several long sets, and is now on his way back to his home in San Diego. I can only hope that he doesn’t have to put in time in Prison, can you put in a good word for him? I think a ‘stretch’ in prison would ruin the dynamics that Noah and Carter have going for them! As for David Hansen, if ever someone deserved killing…………..I was a little disappointed in Carter for not taking a couple of pot shots at David..even a few crippling leg and knee shots would have been nice!
    Can’t wait for the next Noah story………………..perhaps you can write a longer book, say around a thousand pages, and get it published next week?

    Headed out on the waves in Virginia Beach right now to ‘get my head’ back into the game…..

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