I’m Just Gonna Sit Here And Read While It Floods

Okay, I’m in Texas so I didn’t experience any of Hurricane Irene this weekend, save, of course, for the masterful coverage provided by the chuckleheads at The Weather Channel.  (Cantore’s clearly getting old because they sent him to NYC, out of harm’s way.  YOU’RE SOFT, CANTORE!!! SOFT!!!)  No, all I experienced was the continuing soul sucking heat that we’ve endured down here for the last, I don’t know, 8 or 9 months.  I blame Rick Perry.

But I digest.  Or digress.  Whatever.

With the inability to get outside, the lack of power and the general inertia that comes with waiting for and enduring a hurricane, it seems like a perfect time to hunker down with a book.  I kept wondering all weekend if ebook sales would spike, due to people having not much else to do other than download books and read. And I wondered if all of those books that have piled up in people’s TBR piles got dusted off and dug into.  Could hurricanes encourage reading????  Do they make us more literate????  SEND CANTORE TO A BOOKSTORE RIGHT AWAY!!!

What did you read during Irene?

Oh and hey – Liquid Smoke is out if you’re into that kind of thing.

3 thoughts on “I’m Just Gonna Sit Here And Read While It Floods

  1. Brie

    Nice–but the winds were 30 mph gusts in the City! NEWSWORTHY! Still reading Blood and Thunder, a great one about Kit Carson and the Indian Wars of the West…not a hurricane induced read. Hope you survive the heat.

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