Coming Your Way…Soon…

Are you desperate for more Joe Tyler?  Do you miss Noah and Carter?  DO YOU CHECK AMAZON BY THE HOUR, LOOKING FOR NEW RELEASES WITH MY NAME ON THEM???

Fear not.  I’m here to help.  Not full-length novels (I’m working on those), but short stories featuring your favorite characters, as well as a few new ones.

  • TWISTED SISTER —  two sisters get down and dirty ripping off a check cashing joint.
  • SPARRING PARTNER — a battered woman makes a decision that dramatically changes the course of her life.
  • JACKED UP — a cop on the brink of retirement makes a mistake…a mistake he can’t escape from.
  • THE BEGINNING OF THE END —  Liz Santangelo keeps a secret from Noah, until he becomes unwillingly involved.
  • FROZEN IN TIME —  Joe Tyler’s life stands still the day his daughter is abducted.

All five of these stories will be packaged behind another fantastic-looking cover from JT Lindroos.

Look for this on Amazon…early next week.

Want to win a FREE copy???  Check back here on Thursday for details.

Oh, look.  The fantastic-looking cover is right here:












6 thoughts on “Coming Your Way…Soon…

  1. Moose

    This is great news! Congratulations on your newfound success!

    Will it be available only electronically?

    I’m really looking forward to reading Thread of Hope and these new
    short stories once they are out on paper.

    I know you are busy working on it.

  2. Jeff

    What? No Deuce and Victor in this short story collection? Quit slacking Jeff. We want more of all the characters. Maybe if you gave up ballroom and writing columns for that dancing magazine you’d have more time for the important stuff. 🙂

    1. But if I stop dancing, then my tremendous dancing skills will deteriorate and then I’ll have nothing…:)

      BTW – state regional playoff game this Saturday. Yes, I’ll be writing on the bus…

  3. Mike Casassa

    Again, a quick thankx for the outstanding reads over the years! Being an avid east coast surfer, at least I was in my younger years, I have tried to find any surf releated stories that I can…..sailing, kayaking, climbing…..I love them all. Anywho, I have enjoyed following Noah’s adventures for some time. I stumbled across ‘Thread’ a couple of weeks ago, and enjoyed it so much that I went looking for the next one…….I acutally saw ‘Stay at Home Dead’ but was put off by the author BIO, so did not purchase it. My mistake! i finished reading it 10 minutes ago, and must say that i really enjoyed it!!!! Keep up the good work. I did notice an excerpt for the next Duece book to be published in Oct 2012….but no title? Can you at least give me that so I can add to my must have list?

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